Behind the Design: Nueva and Luxor Shirt

As far as techwear goes, the combination of design and performance puts the Nueva and Luxor in a league of its own. So what inspired the design of this iconic shirt and how did it become synonymous with outdoor adventure?

Keep reading as we dive into the details with our designer.

When was the Nueva / Luxor first introduced?

Spring / Summer 2017 – Just as we saw a record spike in temperature.

What are the key considerations behind the design of the shirt?

We wanted the end result to be a versatile, feature-packed, all-in-one shirt. And so we took our traditional, longest standing Tobago Trekking Shirt with Enduro Ripstop fabric and combined it with our most popular moisture-wicking shirt, the Nomadic, to create the quick-drying, durable Cooldry fabric of the Nueva and Luxor Shirt. 

Has the design changed since first release?

We built on the success of our Cooldry Technology and added two style variations called Coolstretch which has a solid colour base instead of the mélange fabrication. Other than that, the Nueva and Luxor design has remained exactly the same as customers love every aspect of the style in terms of fabric, fit and features. In fact, our fellow hikers love this shirt so much that it has sold out every season since it was first introduced. 

And because the fabric is so popular, we have created the Nueva and Luxor Wide Brim Hats with it for this season.

We are well under way with SS21 concept and the best is yet to come...

Where do the names come from?

Let’s take a virtual trek to…

The Nueva and Luxor is at home in hot, humid and dry areas – where cool comfort is needed most.

What inspired the selection of colours?

That’s easy - Mother Nature and her rainbow of colours. Let’s start from the top:


Blue Mist. A misty morning on the Otter trail, with the ocean view appearing as a bluish-grey colour from a distance.

Deep Teal. A colour that invites the depths of earth and imbues a sense of serenity.

Moss. A pale greyish green colour like that of a moss plant.

Fun Fact: There are around 12 000 species of moss that are small, flowerless plants with no roots. Moss symbolizes longevity and resilience which is embedded in our Nueva & Luxor shirts – Durable and able to recover its size and shape due to the stretch in the fabric.

Charcoal. Reminiscent of the dark grey colour of burned campfire wood.


Dusk Rose. When the sun sets, the sky lights up with different hues of irresistible pinks and the stars and planets comes out to play.

Lilac Ash. A majestic purple blossom with a grey undertone - like the beautiful  Jacaranda Trees that blossom each year from September to November in Pretoria.

Storm Blue. The adrenaline of a summer thunderstorm on a hot humid day, blue skies with striking bolts.

Silver. The colour silver has a feminine energy; it is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides - it is fluid and mysterious as it illuminates the way forward. It is soothing, calming and purifying and reflects back any positive energy.

What is your favouite adventure this shirt has taken you on?

25th of Feb 2020 – On honeymoon at Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge. It was a very hot summer's day with the temperature skyrocketing to 36 degrees we took a sunset cycle as the afternoon was cooling down, the Nueva and Luxor was the perfect versatile shirt for the micro adventure to keep the last bit of harsh sun off our skins and the breathable fabric kept us cool and dry while soaking in the breathtaking views of our beautiful country.