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We have used our experience and expertise in manufacturing custom-fit gum shields in the development of our self-fit range (fit at home products). OPRO Self-Fit gum shields are suitable for all contact sports and provide excellent fit and retention through our unique and patented OPRO fins – ridge-like structures that break down when placed in hot water and then mould around teeth and soft tissue to provide a snug fit. This gives the wearer the best possible protection in a self-fit sports mouthguard. We love providing protection for athletes and enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines. You don’t have to be in the big leagues to face flying limbs and equipment!

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Founded more than 20 years ago in 1997 by Dr. Anthony Lovat BDS., OPRO is the world’s most technically advanced mouthguard company and a leading pioneer in oral protection. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire, we’re dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology, innovation, and safety to all athletes, at all levels of sport. For the professional athletes that wear our gum shields, support and inspiration are critical on the long road to sporting success.

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    As low as R799.00
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  2. Opro Snap-Fit Braces Mouthguard
    As low as R129.00
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  3. Opro UFC Silver Mouthguard Junior
    As low as R249.90
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  4. Opro UFC Gold Mouthguard Junior
    As low as R369.90
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  5. Opro UFC Gold Mouthguard
    As low as R369.90
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  6. Opro UFC Gold Brace Mouthguard
    As low as R399.90
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  7. Opro Junior Gold Mouthguard
    As low as R349.00
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