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Our Performance Brands B2B platform is tailored for ease of use and has numerous business orientated functions such as matrix order grid with live stock, instant quoting system, product and marketing assets, product data feeds and many others.

Explore each feature in the sections below.

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1. Customer Shop

Personalised customer shop page where we dynamically tailor product and categories to your B2B profile for a faster ordering experience.

2. Matrix Order Grid With Accurate Stock Levels & Live Calculation

Order smart by knowing exactly how much you can order per style and size. Now your selected quantity also adds up as you type so that you can have a preview of the cost of the selected items before adding to cart.

2. Enhanced Search

Our intelligent search system makes your life easy by allowing you to search by SKU, product name or category.

4. Focused Product Pages 

Product pages are have been redesigned for an easier ordering experience. Fullscreen product gallery, quick links for stock and branding queries, as well as an easy product compare function have all been added to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

3. Faster Order Processing

Placing your order through the B2B online website ensures that your order is captured instantly in our backend system and sent directly our warehouse for picking and shipping! We offer EFT, credit card and account payment options

5. Improved Mobile & Tablet Support 

Our e-commerce platform works across all your devices with an enhanced interface that makes it even easy to checkout on your mobile or tablet while walking through your store or warehouse.

5. Request a Quote 

Not ready to order or need a quotation approved before purchase? On a product page, simply input your quantities required and click the "Add to Quote" button to add the items to your quotelist. Once all items have been added, click the Quote List link in the header to access your quote, and follow the onscreen prompts to send to email.

Knowledge base

How To Video - Navigation and Ordering


Knowledge base

How To Video - Request a Quote


Knowledge base

Request Assistance

Our Sales Team is dedicated per brand and they are available to assist you with any order or product query.Contact Us via email or give us a call and we'll assist (weekdays only, 8:30 - 16:30).

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