We are a business that is passionate about driving an active and outdoors lifestyle, through designing and manufacturing gear which allows you to perform at your optimum in comfort and style. We own and distribute brands that produce technical apparel and gear, which is designed to perform. Our brands include First Ascent, Capestorm, African Nature, Second Skins, BBB and OTG Active.

Product Design

Our brands each encompass their own unique passion for the active lifestyle, designed by exclusive design teams and fitness enthusiasts who strive to know their active and adventurous customers. Each proudly South African design team has the freedom to design styles and ranges which house performance tested apparel - apparel which is ready to embrace any activity or adventure.


More than the clothes we create, Performance Brands is defined by the dedication of its people. Our manufacturers work tirelessly to bring you garments which feature extreme-tested designs, cutting-edge technology and a perfect blend of the latest materials, ensuring that each garment delivered to you upholds our high-quality mark.


Our warehousing and logistics operations is managed internally by a highly-efficient team of individuals who are meticulous in their work, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality service.


Each brand is independently managed through the design, production and marketing stages, and distributed through our Performance Brands B2B and B2C platforms. We are focused on ensuring that whatever activity, adventure or expedition you choose - when you need our gear to perform, it will stand up to the test.